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David Krejci and Gregory Campbell swim dive competition

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reilly sux (x)

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I propose that we female hockey fans who don’t buy the bullshit being fed by that “face of hockey on tumblr” come together and make our own face of hockey, perhaps a joint blog where we all share GIFs of NHL and hockey things in general. Like the gesture of good will and not being a complete douche canoe shown above by Tuukka, and we will come together and help Carl Soderberg learn to wrap that duck.

Lots of talented GIF makers exist on hockey tumblr. Let us know what your thoughts are on doing something like this. 

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Official-nhl’s “article,” in which he claims responsibility for creating a hockey fandom on tumblr, is basically just him saying, “Oh this demographic of young women are only fans because I made them fans. This community only exists because I made it so. Women aren’t real sports fans, they’re just a mindless mass I’ve been leading for the past four years.”

When will men stop disparaging female sports fans? When will they stop pretending we can’t think for ourselves? When will they stop taking credit for our passions and achievements?

Honestly it’s disgusting, this idea he has of himself as the sole reason all these women on tumblr are hockey fans.

Hockey fandom on tumblr is a community of strong, opinionated, and passionate women who love this sport because WE love this sport, not because some dude with a computer made gifs faster than anyone else. Don’t belittle us, and don’t try to take credit for a community WE built and a passion that is ours, not something you manufactured.


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In case you didn’t see, the “official NHL” GIF tumblr is not official or affiliated with the NHL, so we will not be reblogging it here anymore.

Own up to your amateur status and earn followers the good old-fashioned way. We also do not condone the illegal use of the NHL brand name as official in an unofficial way, nor do we support the idea that one person thinks they are the face of a large, diverse community of hockey fans on tumblr. There is no singular face, but there sure as giant egos. It should also be noted that the tumblr user in question has committed fraud against the NHL.

Here’s a GIF made by us, just mere unaffiliated amateurs, of Khokhlachev’s AHL Bruins goal today.




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Patrice Bergeron interview during intermission of Saturday’s game

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Carl Soderberg scores against Buffalo 10|18|14
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Providence Bruins goals in 3-2 loss to Worcester Sharks on Saturday. First: Pastrnak from Khokhalchev; Second: Caron from Pastrnak and Koko; Third, trying the game with five seconds left in regulation, is Koko from Pastrnak and Trotman. They lost 4-3 in 3-on-3 OT.
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